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Once upon a time, Cody Summer was a buckaroo and worked on various ranches. She cowboyed for a living (working a-horseback on very remote ranches moving cattle where they don't want to go, roping, branding, etc).  Before that, she was a cyclist (averaging 300 miles per week), an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), an elephant handler, bike mechanic and sang opera in college as a vocal performance major on scholarship. She loved to go hiking and trail running, write songs and sing. She was tough, strong, and creative. Then life happened. She experienced injuries, surgery, parasites and- most detrimentally to her health- 12 years of domestic violence which left her and her kids with a diagnosis of PTSD. The medical world wasn’t able to help her get better and this is when she hit rock bottom.  However, she was able to bring healing to her very stressed and traumatized body by using fasting, keto, carnivore and holistic nutrition. Through the process of transformational nutrition, she found relief from crippling stomach issues, joint paint, fatigue and a host of other issues. The body is very resilient when given what it needs to heal! This is why Cody Summer is so passionate about helping others reach the level of healing they desire in order to thrive; especially those who have experienced stress and trauma.  Cody Summer’s path towards health and wellness has been (and continues to be) a journey. She hope’s this journey will inspire and help others on their own path to health, healing and wholeness. ❤️

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