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My name is Cody Summer

Once upon a time I was a buckaroo (I cowboyed for a living) and worked on various ranches.  Before that, I was a cyclist - averaging 300 miles per week . I was also an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), an elephant handler and sang opera in college. I loved to go hiking and trail running. I was tough, strong, creative and resilient.

Then life happened. I had injuries, surgery and parasites. I got really sick and the medical world couldn't help me get better. I have experience with paleo, keto, carnivore and fasting. While all these ways of eating were helpful, none of them were long term fixes. Then I realized my 12 year marriage was extremely abusive and it was contributing to all my health issues. Even with doing "all the right things" to get well, it wasn't until I left this toxic environment that I was able to start healing and regain my life. 

Now, as a single, homeschooling mom, survivor and student of holistic nutrition, I understand what it is like to live under various levels of stress and overcome multiple health challenges. I believe health must be explored as a balance between the three pillars of holistic nutrition: mental, physical and spiritual wellness. 

My own path in the health and wellness industry has been (and continues to be!) a journey. I hope this journey will inspire and help others on their own path to health, healing and wellness.

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