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Vitamin B12

B12 has some amazing functions in the body, such as synthesizing important neurotransmitters that are responsible for mood, energy, sleep, appetite, and motivation.

Some other major roles include:

  • Being essential for nerve function and nerve cell growth

  • Forming red blood cells

  • Decreasing homocysteine levels

  • Enhancing the function of iron

Symptoms of B12 deficiency include:

  • Pale skin

  • Rapid heartbeat or heart palpitations

  • Fatigue or low energy

  • Loss of appetite

  • Upset stomach

  • Bruising easily

  • Diarrhea or constipation

  • Weakness

  • Weight loss

  • Low blood pressure

  • Tingling and numbness in hands and feet

  • Irritability

  • Loses balance easily

  • Depression

  • Memory loss

  • Mouth sensitivity to hot or cold

Sources of Vitamin B 12 include:

  • Cheese

  • Milk

  • Chicken eggs

  • Tuna

  • Salmon

  • Trout

  • Sardines

  • Oysters

  • Clams

  • Beef Liver

These are some great, nutrient dense foods to rotate through your diet! What is your favorite dish or recipe using one of these vitamin B12 rich proteins?

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